November is Native American Heritage Month

CLICK HERE for a map of Native North America

Second Grade, SAILS, and PATHWAYS:

Our first book is

Image result for apple tree tharp

Click here to see a video about Cherokee woodcarver Amanda Crowe

Click Here to hear a short history of the Cherokee people in two languages

Third Grade

Today, we will share a story of the Lenni Lenape people.

When the Shadbush Blooms


National Archives documents here

We Are Grateful

Hear Thanks to the Animals HERE


Compost Research

Use the resources below to research about compost.

Poster below made by students (

Poster from

Infographic about How and Why to Compost    CLICK HERE

Tips for making compost HERE

Garbage Facts – CLICK HERE

Composting at Home – Click here

Composting Guide – CLICK HERE


WELCOME BACK 2nd and 3rd graders! WELCOME 1st graders!

Hope you are rested and ready to begin a new year of school.

A few reminders:

BOXTOPS FOR EDUCATION – please collect these and give them to your teacher each month. We can use boxtops to buy library books! This is a great way to recycle trash into treasure for all of us.

Remember, the library is in ORDER so that everyone can find what they want. It is everyone’s responsibility to keep it that way for your schoolmates! To do this, always use your SHELF MARKER.

MOST IMPORTANT – Read a lot this year! Find something that moves you, teaches you, confuses you, in other words HELPS YOU TO GROW YOUR MIND.